Art Commissions: Why I've Decided to Step Away

As an artist, the prospect of taking on commissions can be both enticing and daunting. The idea of earning money through my creative talent is undoubtedly appealing, but it often comes with a host of challenges that can outweigh the benefits. In this blog post, I'll share my personal journey and the reasons why I've made the decision to step away from art commissions.

Art for Myself vs. Art for Others:

One of the fundamental shifts that occur when I take on commissions is that my creative work is no longer solely for my own enjoyment. My art becomes a service for clients, and their expectations can sometimes clash with my artistic vision.

Pricing and Value Perception:

Setting fair prices for my art can be a tricky task. Some potential clients may feel that my rates are too high, or they might question the value of my work. This can lead to difficult conversations and even disputes.

Fear of Judgment:

Art is deeply personal, and sharing it with a wider audience, especially paying clients, can be anxiety-inducing. The fear of judgment and criticism can affect my creative process and my self-esteem.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone:

Clients may request artwork that pushes me outside my comfort zone. While growth is essential for an artist, commissions might not always be the best avenue for experimentation, as clients expect a certain level of quality.

Revision Requests:

Dealing with clients who request numerous revisions can be exhausting. It can extend the time spent on a project and may lead to frustration for both parties involved.

Client Relations:

Interacting with clients can be challenging, especially when faced with unrealistic expectations or rude behavior. It's essential to maintain professionalism, but this can be emotionally draining.


While art commissions offer opportunities for income and exposure, they come with their own set of challenges. Ultimately, the decision to take on commissions or step away from them is a deeply personal one. As an artist, it's crucial to prioritize my creative well-being and find a balance that works for me. For me, stepping away from commissions has allowed me to focus on creating art that I'm truly passionate about, free from the constraints of client demands and expectations.


This blog post is based on my personal experiences and opinions as an artist. Individual experiences with art commissions may vary, and some artists may find commissions to be a fulfilling part of their artistic journey.